Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Christmas past project....

Here's a great project I have made in several different forms over the years. It's always a hit, even with older kids.... :) Free files by following the link at the end of the page.

The original post is copied here:

Hi everyone, my little ones (all of them, even the 13 yo) loved these "tumblers" so much over Easter I thought they might like some new ones...for Christmas. I first saw the idea for these very old style toys on Family A website that always inspires me. It takes nearly no time at all and they create so much fun! I have created an SVG file, a SUT2 file and a .cut file for everyone which I will attempt to share at the bottom of the page.
These little things tumble end over end "magically" :)
After cutting out the file on your machine score these folds...a heavier cardstock tends to hold up better.
This adhesive is called "scoretape" but I also like Scotch quick dry adhesive. If this is your first time to my blog. let me tell you how much I love scoretape...well maybe not or you won't come back...LOL "Red tape" also works well but be sure your double sided tape doesn't extend beyond the and keep the marbles from rolling freely.

OK so you can use whatever you want for your ramp, even an ironing board or an even longer cushion but it does need a bit of friction so it wont just slide down anticlimactically without flipping...really sad when that happens... also it can be a fun challenge to get it balanced on edge (without bending the paper). 

Please note that I am just a mom and comments (nice ones) keep me sane. I ask you to please not share this file, instead refer them to my site. Also please do not create this for profit, including contests, without my permission. Instead, contact me ahead of time if you want to use my file. Thanks and enjoy!

 Go to the original post for the file freebies.....

Monday, December 10, 2012

How many pictures do you have to take, until you get the right one??

OK so I read once that the number of photos you must take to get a good group shoot is a function of the number in the group....It was a real formula something like n! So, for 5 people it would be 120 photos. No wonder I can't see to get a good pic of my three. It must be an even larger number if you factor in ages...LOL.

This brings me to the point of the whole disaster pictures from years past that I actually cherish for the fun memories. Like they say, "you're gonna miss this"

The first year we tried for the three girls...2007

 It gets a bit better......
 Until the baby spit up and we jut decided to go with what we had.
I tried to let them get it out of their system so I did end up with a good one eventually.

This was a great year..... 2008
Clearly the littlest one doesn't like to wait around.

 This wasn't working either, 2009,......

 But she loves her sisters.
 I did end up with a good few individual ones. :)

 And finally 2010, I just waited till the traditional morning shot.
 It wasn't much help to try a different day, first thing in the AM....

 The oldest isn't enjoying the whole experience, and as far as the middle one....She wasn't too keen on her little sister getting so cozy, LOL
 So we will try again this year and I am sure it will be a super fun time as usual....with lots of great memories as usual.

Good luck preserving your holiday memories....all of them!

Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts....

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