Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Leftover Turkey.....

I don't know about you but I had a ton of leftover turkey. Including the crafty type!
Love the nice fat bodies of these guys. It looks funky when you cut it out but goes together pretty easily...
 I used the Gobble Gratitude and Squirrel It Away sets from Lettering Delights to make some paper acorns and fun turkeys for display, and of course play. B and G each helped me put together one. Though the body was pretty tricky and I had to do that part. I used Sotch liquid fast dry glue....absolutely necessary here since the bodies are really likely to pull apart. The edges are all inked but it is sorta hard to tell. The Turkey set comes as a print and cut which I broke apart and just cut from paper using my MTC software and my Zing. The other set is a cut set....with cute 3D acorns and some suspicious squirrels.
Cute napkin rings...

The girls enjoyed playing with the squirrels but the box style one from the set didn't make it to Thanksgiving day!
I hope you enjoyed the Thanskgiving Day and are gearing up for a blessed Christmas season. I was so grateful to have a realatively uneventful holiday, only set the smoke alarms off once and one nosebleed for G. LOL

But it was a good day. I was with my family and got to chat and share with friends so a very good day!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanks Coach!

This cut file was from My Creative Time LLC...oops that's My Time Made Easy LLC!
they have some great files...check them out!
Both my daughters play field hockey, and my youngest just finished up a great season.....the made it to the first round of the finals, but lost in the semi finals after a 1-1 tie, and overtime, and two more 2 tie breakers. It was a real victory for a team made up of more than half newbies! They were all disappointed after getting so far in the Hockey Fest but they surely weren't disappointed in their coach. 

The girls were so lucky to have a great coach. She was able to motivate them to want to win without getting too carried away. She made the game fun and had all the girls eager to practice and learn. Amazingly she taught them so much of the great basic skills! At the end of the season, the families pooled our resources to present her with a gift card to her favorite restaurant. I of course was happy to make a holder for her since that's what I do!
The gift card pops up when the box is opened!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Crafty Tooth Fairy...

It hardly seems possible, but my littlest daughter has already lost her first tooth! It seems like just yesterday that she got her first tooth in that sweet little smile.

The tooth fairy was amazingly generous to my daughter G since her mom freaked out when she lost her first tooth. I have an excuse, I promise. It was soon after she had bumped her mouth and I thought it wasn't supposed to be out yet. So after I scared her so badly it seemed best to make it a very special event.

Both older girls got a little bracelet from an online shop and got a little mini seed pearl for each tooth. It was cute with crystals and all but it was so expensive for the size and quality I decided to try something different.

For B I got a faux Pandora style bracelet pretty cheap online for a small one. And then searched all around for beads and charms that are much cheaper then Pandora but just as pretty. The plan is to give one per tooth after the initial set.

In addition, I was able to use the super cute set of printables for a letter and tooth box. Lettering Delights has a set that was just perfect! I also was able to use the flat gift bag for just the right thing to leave under her pillow...

This is the super cute tooth box from Lettering Delights with an extra print and cut tooth on top. The cards were easy to import into MTC and print and cut...one for each tooth and a few for opposes...
Of course I had to add some ribbon! :)
 The big storm was the first night and I didn't have all he charms, so I had to leave the box for her first then leave a note card for her tooth for another night.
This was the first note from the first tooth fairy....

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