Monday, March 19, 2012

Leprechaun Traps

Thanks to my B who lives from holiday to holiday, this year we celebrated St.Patrick's Day to unprecedented levels! The girls were super excited to set up Leprechaun traps for the very first time. We read stories and did some research to find out: they are very tricky, love green, sweets, and golden coins. This was the perfect opportunity to make something fun! 

I first thought of a hat found in the Made in the USA kit by It was an Uncle Sam's hat and before I had to struggle with mine, I saw Katie Wegner had made super beautiful leprechaun hat with it already, so I knew it would work. Her hat was fabulously decorated and you can see it at Ours were a bit more plain but it has a twist. A booby trap!

I also remembered a black pot from Party on Elm Street SVG kit. It's a Halloween set, also from I was wanting to make this since it debuted and Mary from mentioned making a pot of gold right in the tutorial video. It was really sturdy and easier than I thought. Very lucky for us, since these are a big hit with the kids!

 For the black kettle I will mention some details that make it easier for everyone, especially MTC/Zing users. First of all when I imported the file I was sorta "stuck on stupid" and made some huge mistakes on sizing. I am not sure what happened since it was all a mess, so I highly suggest looking at the instruction PDF that comes with the set before you start. LOL 

Next, since I didn't like how deep the scoring cuts can be on some of the files. I worked out a way to keep the cuts from going all the way through. Here's my fix: First I use the edit/shape magic/break function and break apart any pieces that have scoring. After sending the outline of the shape to a new layer (down on the lower right use the "selection to new layer"which looks like a mini mat with a plus sign). Then select all the score marks and use edit/shape magic/join to group them all together. I leave the score marks and the outline on a separate layers and then when I make the first cut, hide the score marks only and use WYSIWYG mode. This way only the outline is cut. 

Then, without removing the mat, I hide the outline and un-hide the score mark layer (open and closing the eye in the layers box). When I go to cut the score marks, since I use WYSIWYG, I clicked the "use last" button for setting the origin and lower the pressure. This way, I get cuts that don't make it a the way through the paper to the back. 

On a side note, there is a sizzix eclipse feature that does this as well and I don't have a clue how it works but apparently there is a tutorial on the blog. I imagine there is also a way to work around this issue for other machine as well.

OK so in order to make the traps I made a few changes to the basic designs.  I had many wrong size tabs left over that fit nicely when trimmed, so I used those to attach the "false top" to the trap. I very conveniently also had a wrong sized bottom so this became my "false top." How lucky for me? LOL One tab attached the top to the side of the pot and the other lightly held it up. The girls wanted to put cupcakes on top, then suggested real gold but they settled for pennies luckily.
One tab was to attach it to the side.
The other tab attached to the inside of the pot to keep the "false top" in place.
Here it looks like a solid "Pot o' Gold" Hee Hee
For the Leprechaun hat I created a similar false top by cutting a new oval inside. I used edit/shape magic/shadow and when the box popped up I selected "inset shadow" and sized it using the slider bar, making sure the points of the side pieces would fit withing the ring, by eyeballing it. But I had my thinking cap on by then luckily and it worked out well. It was easier to glue the ring to the side than it usually is to glue a solid piece so I might consider this fact when I make other 3D items.

I used the same concept to attach the false top to the inside of the Leprechaun hat...The tab to hold the "false top" in place was too long in the picture below so it was trimmed to just enough to lightly hold the top up. The other tab needed to be long since it needed to be put in place after the ring was glued so it extended all the way to the side of the hat.

There was much discussion about how the Leprechaun would get onto the tall trap, how tall Leprechauns were, and how heavy and how much "gold" we needed to attract him. Also why they were all boys and if they had parents, but I sorta glossed over that part. ;)

Here's some construction pics:
See how nicely this fits together?

This shows how one piece attached to the top hat and the other was a tab to hold the top in place.
She made a very careful study of how many pennies to place on top before it was too heavy.
Un fortunately for us, the Leprechauns escaped our carefully designed traps. But, they left behind plastic and chocolate "gold coins" and chocolate gold and silver "bars"(Hersheys Nuggets). The girls allo found one gold dollar coin in each trap!
The next day the Leprechane had gotten out.
He got away and must have been in a hurry since he knocked the ladder down!

I made this bag for my teenager so she wouldn't be left out. This was from the Charm and Chance kit from SVGcuts! She sent a picture text to her friends and was very happy. Phew. :)
Lots of "gold" but no Leprechaun...

This shows how the top lifts off....but no Leprechaun.
Last but not least we parents were invited to a fun St. Patrick's Day party at a friend and neighbors house. The print and cut images from Lettering dressed up my brownies just enough. I made enough to leave a piece for the girls with their own toppers which are now fun "paper dolls" Hope your St. Patrick's Day was a blast!
Yummy too!

Monday, March 12, 2012

St.Patrick's Day Banner

Oh so cute right?
The full banner....trying to keep things simple and easy so it stays fun and gets done! "fun and done"
 So, how cute are these two Leprechauns? My little B had fun playing with them for a bit before they ended up on the banner today and I have big plans for them.  They come with a few fun images in the Lettering Delights set called "Luck of the Irish"

For some reason my girls are SO into any holiday (wonder why). Even St Patrick's Day must be made into a big event. This year, for the first time, we will be making Leprechaun traps. These guys are going to end up in the traps in the morning as if  Leprechauns who visited us have attempted to fool us. Of course they will leave behind some chocolate "gold" and hopefully it will be an exciting morning!
These guys have tons of layers! I added some extra dimension using dimensional tape as well.
I waited until the banner was up to place them for best effect.

This is a centerpiece. Isn't the rainbow fabulous? I hope to get a better shot and show how nicely it layers.
This one is on the right. :)

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