Sunday, February 6, 2011

Imagine- Rub-ons!

Both cut pieces together for a finished rub-on.
A clear card with the owl on the front...

 I was daydreaming of Imagine projects a bit when I remembered a Grafix rub-on kit I purchased a while ago. I had been disappointed with my result using stamps and never dared to try it in the printer, but I thought it perfect for the I. And it was!

The set comes with two sheets of material. One to stamp or print on, and the other a thin adhesive sheet. In order to make the rub-on You create an image on a thin film, then place it onto the adhesive sheet. There is a lot of trimming involved and stamping can be tricky so my results were iffy, and lets face it, If I had any skill with scissors I wouldn't have a Cricut. lol

For the owl image, I flipped the image for printing and then print and cut it from the thin film sheet supplied. Next I cut the same image from the adhesive sheet. You could load two mats and use the same image, just reset with with no color and not flipped, but I put it all on one with a space between.

Front elements are rub-ons with paper background frame...inside is a white cut out for personalizing.

Box cut at max size-6.7, Card elements at 2.7 The green frame is the rub-on applied to the back of the card.

For my second project I created a small box for a gift card and then tried out another set of rub-ons. For this set I discovered that it's a good idea to create a wider offset for rub-ons...especially if it's a phrase like this thank you...also the film can be repaired somewhat if it tears by putting it back together and placing it on the adhesive sheet....I'll be happy to give some more details (and even possibly a video tutorial if I can figure that out) if you leave a request in the comments..Thanks for your interest. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Month's Projects! Cards, handwarmers, a new craft space, and some Imagine projects!

*Note: There will be a re-write of my original post which got accidentally deleted.So check back within a few days...still wanted to share this with my readers.

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