Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanks Coach!

This cut file was from My Creative Time LLC...oops that's My Time Made Easy LLC!
they have some great files...check them out!
Both my daughters play field hockey, and my youngest just finished up a great season.....the made it to the first round of the finals, but lost in the semi finals after a 1-1 tie, and overtime, and two more 2 tie breakers. It was a real victory for a team made up of more than half newbies! They were all disappointed after getting so far in the Hockey Fest but they surely weren't disappointed in their coach. 

The girls were so lucky to have a great coach. She was able to motivate them to want to win without getting too carried away. She made the game fun and had all the girls eager to practice and learn. Amazingly she taught them so much of the great basic skills! At the end of the season, the families pooled our resources to present her with a gift card to her favorite restaurant. I of course was happy to make a holder for her since that's what I do!
The gift card pops up when the box is opened!!!

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