Monday, January 30, 2012

Life Through My Lens: January

It took quiet a while for me to get my first digital camera and so I seem to struggle with some very basic elements of photography and so want to improve. I've scoured blogs, pestered photographer friends and taken literally thousands of photos and so now I can at least see why some of my poor shots fail....well mostly.

Here's some of my shots below. The first one I snapped on awhim after cleaning up my daughters "Princess Party" It's one I really like. Some of the others are from this fall. I think for the sunflowers "photo shoot" done in September. I took about 700 pictures, between lighting issues and some uncooperative kids, LOL. Then on an October trip to a farm with the kids I was able to do better with fewer'll see.
Have to start out positive, I was so happy this picture truly captured what I saw that day...truly a fluke, LOL
Ack what's up with the super exposed sky? Yuck.

This was kinda cool even if the sky didn't really look like that...LOL

Same sky, nice and blue...

The girls could barely see with all the sun but with only flowers behind, shots turned out better...

Much softer lighting and much better here...even though the same lighting environment.
And here, my girl K on a sunny October day...
And this one, nearly the same amount of light as the September pictures but much better result so back to studying...
This was a totally lucky shot using the flash in a little shed with sun behind my daughter...

Three of my biggest problems are:
  1. Always forgetting to take the lens cap off before attempting to take the first shot...seriously who does this? I have seen "image too dark" soooo any times from my camera and missed sooo many shots this way it's  ridiculous.
  2. Lighting
  3. Lighting

Yes Lighting is twice. I have so much trouble in the very dark and in super sunlight.

 Even though I've got a good feel for what my mistakes are as I browse my photos. Lighting in the extremes has truly evaded my grasp. Achieving the amount of Bokeh I want (love that) as well as my composition seems to be improving at least.. I am hoping for an epiphany (or a decent tutorial or class) that leads me down the path to enlightenment...oh, couldn't resist. ;) 

 So, just curious, what are your top three struggles as you take your photos?

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Megan said...

With out YEARS of study, and an EXPENSIVE camera and EXPENSIVER lenses, you will have trouble in the dark and the too bright light. Its just how it is.

Check this out- start from the beginning and go through as she says. Do each thing till you get it. Its what really helped it click for me.

Then just keep doing what youre doing- taking pictures. But be purposeful in your settings, so you can see how they effect each other in the "triangle". :)

~Suzy~ said...

Thanks! I'll be bugging you about that "better" camera soon. ;)

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