Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Crafts-window stickers, vinyl eggs

My favorite one is the yellow flower on the teal egg. Got bold LOL.

 Hi everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Day! There are a couple things I wanted to share even if it's late and I technically have some other posts I should do first.

The first is this years Eater eggs.I love making them using vinyl as a resist to the dye. I have a few recommendations however.

First, boil your eggs at least a day ahead to ensure they are very dry. The eggs we boiled the morning before coloring them did not seem dry enough even though they were done and in the fridge for at least five hours. They were dry to the touch but somehow had enough moisture in them to make the vinyl peel off a bit.

Also be sure to keep your images small...the egg's shape makes it difficult to apply evenly sometimes.

Finally the vinyl sticks best when the egg is a bit warmer, I use my hand to warm the vinyl a bit and really press it on well. Sealing the edges if possible.

 My next project is print and cut with window decals!

Somehow I couldn't find any window clings this year for my 4 year old to put up. So, I decided to try something I had stashed away...some clear window decals I picked up at Office Depot.

These printed and cut nicely with MTC and my Zing

These aren't as pliable as the static cling ones I have purchased but it is so fun to think that all the designs I use to decorate my home can be from the same collection. 

for these I used my MTC software to layer images from Nancy Kubo's Lettering Delights digital collection and added their shadows. Then used the print and cut feature. The sticker and it's backing adhered well to the mat and I had no problem cutting them with my Zing. I did learn a few valuable lessons. I will definitely adjust the settings on the printer next time so they come out darker. The shadow needs to be set to color=white and then placed in a layer underneath the image you want printed. You cant see the image when it has a white shadow layer on top..LOL. It took me a bit to figure what I was doing wrong, even after I had some great pointers from members of the MTC message board!

Once again I hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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~Suzy~ said...

Thanks! Love to see if you try it as year I'll likely do more!

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