Thursday, March 24, 2011

Storage and Organization Encore....

Hello everyone, after I posted about my new craft space "organization, I have been asked about my cartridge storage. Plus there is a challenge on the circle blog to show how you've organized your craft items. Well, I have only a few things I have actually sort of organized and this happens to be my cartridges and books, and my Cuttlebug folders. It's all still a work in progress but I hope to share something that I've found to make my life a bit easier.

I love to use the artbin storage drawers for my cartridges and photo storage boxes for my cart books and overlays. Since I have downloaded the cart books to my computer and my iPad it isn't necessary to use them much. I also  hope that the Cricut Craft Room online design program makes things even easier!

It's still not completely organized and almost full, but hey, I can stack another one on top!

These photo boxes are just the right size and much more compact than the original boxes. I have four and they are nearly full too.

I made dividers out of cereal boxes to test this out and plan on nicer ones later...there's a whole 'nother row in the back so each drawer will hold 16 regular carts.

 My Cuttlebug folders are all in a binder using plastic sheets from Staples. I found that the photo sheets for 4X6's and the baseball card storage ones work well for the various smaller sized folders...
These are made for Baseball cards

These are made for 4X6 photos, the top sticks out a bit but two folders will fit in each pocket.

Hope this will help someone out there! I have a few more projects to post soon and I am working on my Imagine video. For some reason it doesn't want to come out of my Flip. :( Stay tuned!

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crazy about cards said...

Great idea! I have mine in plastic containers and that seems to work for me. Thanks for sharing!

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