Friday, April 22, 2011

Yummy Bunnies

Funny how one thing leads to another and suddenly I am now creating fun food for my kids. :) Thanks to the fun blog community and my friends who alert me to many great new things, I have seen versions of bunnies everywhere.

Now, true to my nature I decided to look for a way I could make some treats with minimal skill or effort required. Ta Da...bunnies from mini donuts. I already had a few colors of gel frosting for writing on cakes so I used it with some pink Easter M&M's. I found out right away that gel icing does not like to stick to powdered sugar donuts but after a few attempts, easy!

On a side note. I made these today since my daughters each had friends sleep over. The 3 and 7 year olds were immediately excited but the 12-13 year olds were sorta cool about it. But, when they came for seconds...they requested bunnies too. Made me feel good they still have a bit more little girl in them! :)

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Debbie L said...

Super cute! What a fun surprise for them.

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