Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An art-full trip to the beach....project boxes for the car.

In order to entertain my savages during the long car ride down to the beach this summer I was looking for some art projects. The Crayola color wonder sets coe with a cute little lap desk and some storage but it just didn't seem like enough space. Plus my oldest had moved onto "fine art" order to replicate "My Little Pony" images for her sister I have to add.

The gears were turning in my brain and I recalled earlier seeing "project boxes" from the office supply store. Those places are number two after a craft store truly! I had no excuse to buy them the first time around but I knew that my other favorite all time products, command strips, made a special clip that secures papers. Bingo! I had project boxes!

I had lots of vinyl to decorate them for each girl and they each fit quiet a large stack of papers as well as pens and markers and whatever else you might want. Mine were simple ones with no dividers, and only about and inch and a half deep. They were plenty big to clip papers and small notebook to though.

Vinyl cut with the Give a Hoot cartridge and my Expression
A fancy one for G Cut from the Martha Stewart Cake cartridge.
Once Upon a Princess Cartridge for B, the Princess...with a cute frog

 These pieces were simple designs that layered well. I vetoed the other choices that weren't ;)
The command strips secure right to the front of the case...

To make sure each clip was in the right place I made a stack of papers, put on the clips them put them onto the case. When I had it lined up the way I wanted it, I simply peeled off the backing strip and pressed it down firmly. I also prepared the surface by wiping with rubbing alcohol to be sure they would stick tight.

 An initial went on the front so that it wouldn't get in the way of their drawing or coloring like the design might.

*Note: This is a rewrite of my original post which got accidentally deleted. :( Sorry to say this isn't as good a tale as the original but I still wanted to share this with my readers.

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Megan said...

brilliant!! this is a fabulous idea. I just shoved stuff in their backpacks for the plane ride. A box like this would have been a much better way to go. :)

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