Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher's Gifts~What I've been doing for the past few weeks!

Our gifts for the teachers and staff at the elementary school
Hello everyone, I have been busy creating some really fun stuff for Teacher's Appreciation Week. For four days, we provided a small mailbox treat for the teachers and staff, as well as a special gift for the bus drivers this year.

Our theme was "Caribbean", with each item loosely reflecting the colors and style. The luncheon we provided was jerk chicken, peas and rice, vanilla and lime cupcakes and mojitos mocktails. 

On the first day our treat was goldfish cracker wiht a tag that read "You're O-fishally the best!" . The colors were so fun together and the teachers enjoyed the little treat. The cute fish paper for the back of the tag came form the Echo Park Summer collection released last year. I designed the fish on the front using basic shapes in MTC to match. The text inside is done as a print and cut so all the text was super easy this year.

The second item was a "sour cream container" style treat box filled with Heshey's kisses. This is an awesome presentation because it is so simple. It's hardly original(just google it and see) but a huge hit. My favorite part is that you can make four form one page of 8.5X11 cardstock. This is awesome since we try to stay on a tight budget for the whole week. Staples had some really nice colors to match out theme. The background of the tag was also the EP Summer collection.

Four cards for everyone!
 Each year a big hit is a collection of cards. This year we were able to create four for each person to give out on the third day. Clear bags made a nice but simple presentation. Two of the cards used a print and cut sentiment in a circle using a cool trick of layering that I'll post more on soon. All of them are so bright and festive. I hope everyone likes them! I was so grateful for the talent of our team this year. Everyone was so fun it was hardly work. (Well they might have a different opinion but that's my story and I am sticking to it!)

I don't have a good picture of our mini books we made into gift card holders but I loved them. I'll try to include them in another post since I'll have an SVG file to share too! I think these were the trickiest to create but one of the other ladies discovered and easier way to assemble them so I'll share that as well. It's nice to craft with a group since there's always something to learn.

Finally I want to share out gift bag project for the bus drivers. The bags were made to hold a gift card on a tag in the pocket, and a bagel and spread with a water bottle inside.

One of the ladies came up with the idea to fit the tag in the paper as a pocket and it all fit together nicely!
The little heart and the heart charm part of the tag was created using basic shapes welded together. Then the large tag was created using a basic tag from a file set, then layering the gift card slits from the same set. The sentiment was a print and cut onto an inset shadow layer. This was all done using the MTC software. The gift card fit nice and snug on the back since we layered the sentiment with dimensional tape.

Most of the gifts this year went together easily except for the gift card boxes that look like mini books. LOL There's always one project each year that is a pain. I am so lucky to be a part of the group that creates all these things every year. The whole group also distributes the treats each day, then provides a luncheon for the teachers and cleans everything up! For the last day our parents are asked to bring in an entire dessert for the teachers to enjoy at home.  It's a lot of work for everyone but we all think our teachers are worth it!!

More to come....I made some little gifts for my daughter to take in each day as well!!!

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