Saturday, July 28, 2012

June Birthdays 2012 style

Soooooo.....I never really said what has been keeping me form my crafty and blogging fun but our family had faced some big (but good)choices for 2012. We had several opportunities up in the air for my husbands job and we thought we'd be moving. at one point it was Idaho, Califonia or London. But we ended up staying here. :)

But before we knew our decision we had a lot of preparation to do......which meant low key parties for my two oldest daughter is moving back into parties where boys are invited again...argh! But she as even simpler tastes now. In fact she wouldn't even let me make a card in an envelope for her invitation so the compromise was a single piece of card stock decorated and with an announcement of her party that she could hand out. What's a crafty mom to do? New for this year was a simpler cake as well... So I made a banner for the cake, simple tags for the goodie bags and chauffeured teenagers back and fort for a skating party....they also had a chocolate fountain and played Kinect dance games and watched a movie...phew I was tired!
Here some of the stuff before I got it all out my savages wanted to start! At least I can show this since I don't have permission to post the other kids...and the dancing fun.
My younger daughter did allow me to send some invites through the mail so I made good use of a super cute Harajuku Party set of graphics from Lettering Delights in Photoshop to print these cute invites. She let me make some tags for simple goodie buckets which contained fun dollar store goodies for some summer you can see it was still a busy night and we had lots of fun, even if I didn't get to make a ton of decorations...

The graphics are super easy to put together in Photoshop and print out so nicely
Customized in Photoshop...drag and drop. Easy Peasy!
Tags using cut and print after they were customized in Photoshop using the LD graphics set.
 Silver stars were also part of the party theme for the slumber party so we decorated with a few (gasp) store bought decorations and sprinkled some on the the cupcakes. I fumbled my way through making some chocolate crusting butter-cream frosting for the cupcakes with a super jumbo one on was filled with Nutella for the birthday girl. And, a fun time was had by all. :) We skated, had pizza, a chocolate fountain again, and then did dance games and watched a movie....hmmm sound familiar? ;)
Fun but simple cupcakes, with a giant one on top....

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