Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine-craft Valentines

The Minecraft craze has hit my daughters elementary school and my girls all play the "creative mode" using the iPad, so this idea was the perfect fit. Which is good since the treat my daughter picked to hand out, didn't fit into the goodie bag we originally planned!

If you have a "minecraft" fan you know this will be a hit since it is sort of addicting. As a result, there are lots of sites already out there with ideas for papercrafting minecraft items. Lucky for me, I have a machine that can take the PDF's and other images and create a cutting file to make these fast and easy. In fact I have a mini paper set of a "creepers" and other things thanks to these sites. :) I am sorry to say I can't give credit for this since image since I had never intended to post this and don't have the info. I will try to figure it out and update. Lesson learned. *the images were downloaded from this site. Now for the funny is associated with seller of the digi paper I bought and they referred me there in the download email. LOL.*

OK back to the Valentine...I downloaded and used a template for the coloring but since the trace was so jagged on the edge I just eyeballed it and created another shape on top of the image. This was pretty easy since I already had a cube design made in anticipation that I would be getting a set of papers to use instead of this download. I had ordered(too late) a set of digital papers for minecraft from an Etsy store but didn't get it in time(no fault of the store I have to add). I am actually excited to get it and hope to create mire cutting files once I do....but this Valentine came out pretty good too.

I used print and then didn't get the registration marks to fit on the mat but because the ZIng uses a laser light and lets the user set the starting point of the paper, I was able to get the cut nearly perfect to the image by setting it very my Zing!
Not the best picture but my G finished putting stickers on this AM and it was off to school early so she could also go t the school store.
 The stickers on the sides are "puny." Best things about Valentines day is that your actually supposed to use puns. Love that! For these I used a minecraft font found at the FontMeme.  Then created a shadow and used the print and cut feature of MTC software using my Zing. Easy! I have to say I had a bit of trouble cutting the sticker paper without going through so I suggest very little blade (near 0) and minimum force of about 30 maybe?

Hope you can make one for your Minecraft fan!Oh, I forgot the most important part of this post...
When my G got out of the car, she actually skipped up to the door this AM! That's why I do this. The skip, and the smile. :)

Have a great Valentines Day!

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