Sunday, March 17, 2013

St.Patrick's Day Fun...this year traps and extra special events

Our "Lucky" kitties, a table top banner, and this years Leprechaun trap
This year we have something extra special to is our kitties "birthday!" At least we think it is. Technically we don' know so we just chose it for them. As adopted kitties who lost their mother just as their eyes were opening, they are super special and super great pets. I love how attached they are to our girls so I will gladly celebrate them.

But no Leprechaun this year either. Our playful pets meant a bit of a change so we (the girls) set up the trap on the kitchen counter with a note and a trail of "coins" to attract any Leprechauns who might come around....The girls think they like marshmallows so in they went as well as tic tacs and some shamrocks. I loved their creativity and I got off easy with using last years trap. Next year we might need to update. I was a bit under the weather the end of this week and didn't help them much but the Leprechaun did leave some coins (real and plastic) as well as some chocolate coins and half munched mini marshmallows. G convinced her 5 year old sister B they were lucky and she ate one...yuck! LOL

SO, my only real project for this holiday was a "centerpiece" for a friend who is always kind enough to host a great St Pats party each year. She really is a great cook who puts out tons of great food. All the traditional Irish favorites like corned beef and cabbage, stew, and soda bread all home made! Plus some great dinner items like shrimp, lasagna, and all the little things to go with it.(she was super sweet to add special items for guest with Gluten free diets and vegetarians too!) Overall a perfect hostess with party favors for us adults too, not to mention the selection of adult beverages...LOL

I wasn't sure if it was my bad brownies from last year or my supposed skill at making paper projects that prompted her to ask for "something different" when I asked what to bring, but I had a project in mind anyway so I was happy to oblige...that one didn't happen but I'll tell you about what I ended up making. ;)

I wanted to make a cloud on one side and a pot of gold on the other connected by a rainbow with lettering on it. Sounds great right. Well maybe someday I can pull that 3D thing together but this year it was giving me fits! So, plan x or so I came up with a smaller "banner" that can sit on a table using chopsticks stolen from given to us with our take out.

My brain was malfunctioning this week and it took forever to create the box that supports the banner, and it still wasn't great. I have to make some improvements before attempting to share it....but it was easy to put together once the design was finished.

The space between the sticks measured just a hair over 12" so it was super easy to use my Make The Cut software to create a shape, duplicate it to the number of "banners" and then size it to fit the 12". I felt so clever when I realized that IRISH and LUCKY both have to same number of letters but nearly botched it when I forgot to reverse the direction when putting on the shamrocks, doh...I did mirror the shamrocks though...phew.

Next the little Leprechauns from the Lettering Delights SVG file were a print and cut, which didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked since my Zing needs to be re-calibrated I guess....but I love how easy it was to mirror the image in MTC and then cut out a shadow after printing...and this is a set of layered SVG's! If you remember my banner from last year, I cut individual pieces for this guy since he was a bit bigger on that one.

Hope you have a Happy St. Patricks Day! Thanks for stopping by...up next time, proof that good things really do come in small packages....

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