Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to the USA!...Stars & Stripes Forever

I am so pleasantly pleased to see how much my DD's love the USA. My littlest one couldn't wait to celebrate the "Happy Birthday" party! Not quite two and she does have it right! We have several grills burning, food shared, and at least two dozen kids (and a few lighthearted adults) running through the collective backyards, with games, water slides, music and fun going on everywhere. Today is a beautiful day to share and reflect on our many blessing throughout this country.
In celebration I am posting my patriotic creation. My only one...LOL. I created inchies for a swap with my message board friends recently. I planned it all in my head then designed them in Design Studio relatively quickly. I discovered quite by accident that the arrow key will move an item exactly one eighth of an inch each time.
The bases were created by by overlapping one inch strips, then the rest was created with Plantin Schoolbook elements(I used the 's from the first inchie for the third. All the white is glittered and the "stars" and the "stripes" are pop dotted. I used a red-white-blue pattern to create a coordination between them all. For the glitter, I ran the white pieces through my xyron and then put on the colored pieces as well as pop dots for the two raised bits and then glittered with Martha Stewart's glitter. That was the easiest method I found. Once I had that all figured out, they went together fairly quickly! And yes the outside dimension for each of these is one inch! :)


KreatesKards said...

The inchies are great ... your birthday party USA sounds like so much fun. The neighbors are getting together here in just a while for a late night BBQ and to watch fireworks.

Dream of Scrappin' said...

I just sent you a Kreativ Blogger award. Cruise on over to my blog to pick it up!

missbliss said...

Thanks Suzy for the blog award and fallowing my little blog you put smiles allover my face. Just got my post up.


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