Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple gifts

As cool weather starts in our area I always get into a cozy mood, wich generally also means crafting and baking! We've been apple picking, pie and cobbler making, and doing some fun fall activities and one rainy day my oldest daughter came home with an Amish Freindship Bread starter. Can you believe this is the first time we have ever made it ? Well even though I doubt the Amish put vanilla pudding in thier bread, it was yummy and my friends will surely be grateful to get some of their own...I decided to make mine a little more friendly by putting it into a small lunch sack with the directions a small loaf and the starter. Since I was looking for an activity for my Girl Scout troop, I googled the starter. One site has a good recipe for the bread and directions here...but you can also get the directions for starter on the site.

It also gets me thinking about one of my favorite books I read to my girls. It's called Simple Gifts and it an illustration of the Shaker Hymn. I found it online recently here for a friend, and it keeps running through my mind. It is truley a gift from God to be able to be simply kind.Posted by Picasa

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