Sunday, April 25, 2010

WooHoo! I finally found a great option for my ribbon storage. They say third times the charm and it certainly holds true here...So here's the history. When my littlest was very little the ribbon rounds were such great entertainment. But as she grew up, she was able to do more damage, and I had added to the collection. I really needed something to get them stored out of the way, and yet easy to see and easy (for me) to get to. I liked the idea of putting them in drawers rather than hanging them, so the CropperHopper embellishment storage boxes seemed like a great solution. I had drooled over others blog posts of neatly organized ribbon and decided to order what I thought I needed. Well, i ended up with a bunch of the small and nearly useless boxes and none of the most useful size. Apparently they don't make them any more. Strike one. So, onto the ribbon storage from Bestcraft. The ribbon spooler and small round cases seemed nice and easy to store even if they offered less flexibility and were more expensive. Well after they arrived I excitedly started to roll ribbon....strike two. With only a very few exceptions the ribbon I had wouldn't fit!! Ugh! So while I was shopping for some ribbon for my teacher appreciation projects (we use a lot) I stumbled o another product at the wholesale site. It seems that their clear favor boxes are just the ticket!!! They come flattened out and with a bow on top that is easily removable but the boxes are cheap, about 34 cents a piece, and they are just about the right size for every roll! So exciting. I happily rolled up a few of the most unraveled ribbon spools and put them in the few trial boxes I works! They are 2X2X1 and fit inside the sterlite 12X12 drawers so nicely! As you can see I left some spools that already fit and some adhesive ribbon in boxes in their original containers and I put some ribbon together with a chipboard spacer. I love this new organization and even these few in the drawers have freed up one of my big baskets! :)
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