Friday, April 9, 2010

Cart Storage Solution

I think I finally hit on the perfect storage system for my Cricut cartridges! This Art Bin set of storage drawers are perfect for me. I cut some cereal boxes to make dividers so that 16 carts will fit easily without sliding around and yet they are easy to to take in and out. Now I have really fast, easy access to my carts. For a Design Studio project that uses four or five on a single project I can easily pull a bunch out and better yet, put them back! And I have room to grow! :) It's really easy to rearrange them when I get a new one....all my books and overlays are already in a photo storage box so I really only needed this. Now if I could only figure out my ribbon storage problem!
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Megan said...

Great idea! and if you figure out the ribbon issue- let me in on it! Mine is making me more than nutty!

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