Saturday, February 20, 2010

Her first layout!

I am so excited to say that my 6 yo daughter might have been bitten by the scrappy bug! My oldest daughter is probably more a crafter and card maker, who draws beautifully. So, I am excited to report this happy accident!

We started with an idea for the 100th day of school and it just so happens we ended up using my scrappy tools to create this....When I stepped back and realized that we used photo safe materials, I decided we could use a picture of her posing with her creation to make a page! She was so excited and had lot's of fun since I let her do the cutting, tearing and punching (except for the arms and scarf) . Now she wants to do more and wants to have a "mommy day" of scrapbooking!
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Megan said...

love it!!! its an AWESOME page!!! just dont let her start collecting paper too... ;)

Cheryl said...

So cool! I love playing scrap time with my girls, too! Well, except when they mess up my inks! :)

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