Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice Cream?

SO, it was a cold January day and we decide we wanted ice cream! LOL
Looks yummy Huh? It ends up as yummy soft serve!
We also wanted some fun and I had a bunch of stuff already for freezer bag ice cream so we went for it! I found several recipes online and went with my own, since I do seem to have an issue with following directions! But the main ingredients are pretty standard: Cream or milk with various levels of fat, vanilla, sugar, ice, rock salt if you have it, and plastic bags. I double bagged mine since it seemed a common suggestion.....I suggest it too.
This is what we used....I had yummy heavy whipping cream and really good vanilla but milk and extract is fine too.
We used a small pitcher to hold our ice since I used the chipped ice from the in door ice machine. It worked well but there was still a bit of entertainment from the few stray ice cubes flying around. :) For cats and kids alike.

After putting the ingredients in one bag I doubled it up, then put it into the ice and rock salt filled outer one.

And then we shook and shook the bags for a long time! It was fun and even the littlest almost finished hers. I think a smaller portion would have been better so it would take less time to freeze up.
It was more fun than this looks! Ha Ha Ha!
Even the teenager had some fun....
The best part is eating it!
Have fun and I hope you try it! It's a lot less work than you think and very fun! I do suggest gloves too....and have some towels handy too.....

Sorry for the terrible iPhone "good" camera has quit on me and I haven't decided what to get next!

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