Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Memories of summer.....

I've had a special picture I was waiting to scrap for a while, and recently I ran across it while cleaning up, and the scrap bug bit me. Well maybe I should say my heart went Zing? ;)

The clean up, plus stumbling across a new SVG site, plus some great updates to MTC(Make the Cut, my favorite cutting software) all made this whole thing come together so easily. It was very inspiring. I think all these things are going to take my scrap booking to a new level and make it much easier overall.
My G is so attached to this flag which we have displayed in our home and use for Girl Scouts. I even imported the journaling to print and cut it to a new size...its all straight in real life too. LOL
To create this page I made a basic layout in MTC using elements I purchased from MissKate'sCuttables  plus a few of my own elements....Miss Kate's is a super new site that adds new files every day and works like a dream. It has a daily freebie, wishlists, and keeps track of your account/purchases too! Great site! Plus the SVG's are small inexpensive sets I find really fits my needs. She also includes a PNG and JPG file for digi or hybrid or simple print and cut! Been working with Photshop and digi/hybrid pages to use my patterned papers and create more exact colors and hope to show those soon! I've already played with it a bit and need to put it all together.

OK back to my page....G had done a simple page of her own and included a bit of journaling for a project at school, but I wanted one a bit more elaborate. With MTC, I created the mat with the wavy side piece, the simple star center piece, and the base blue layer with the stars cut out to add to the elements from the kit.

To do this I imported all the SVG's into MTC and moved and sized them till I felt it looked right. Next I made adjustments to colors and separated the different pieces into separate layers and pages according to color. The new image handling properties o the MTC software made this possible without freezing or crashing everything. Next I chose my papers and went to town! My Zing was amazing! It cut the finest detail on the firework I was able to layer three colors in descending sizing....down to super thin!
each blue square represents one inch! ooooooh, ahhhhhhh.... ;) fireworks you know...
The blue background paper is a really thick sheet of mulberry paper and cut with my ZIng on multicut 2 qnd speed 9 with the blade extended fairly far out. As a result of trial and error as well as advice from the MTC forum, I used lower pressure than one would think and nothing tore! I am not sure it made a good choice for cutting but the texture looks really nice in person.

Not totally satisfied with the center section but overall it was a super easy page to pull together and with no guessing at sizing, color combos, and placement! My days of pushing paper around the page may be over! Maybe....

Thanks for stopping by and have a great time scrapping!

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