Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some More Halloween Fun!

We were Boo'd!! So of course we Boo'd right back and the girls had a blast! I made some mini luminaries with battery tea lights. So quick and easy using the DCWV fall glitter stack from last year and the font from the Happy Hauntings. I simply cut a rectangle in the center of the paper(4X6?), then taped some clear acrylic (leftover form my calling card project) to the back of the cardstock, then cut the letters on real dial size to fit. Vinyl works the best since it is sticky and more flexible than card stock. One tip for getting the the luminaries a consistent size: after making the first votive, wrap the other around it to make sure it was the same, then slide it off and do the third. Sookwang tape holds so well I highly recommend it. It was fast and fun!

I added a small purse filled with candy cut from the same stack, using Forever Young. And put it all together with a cute plastic pumpkin with Mickey ears and some tissue paper ghosts. One stuffed with a stuffed kitty and a stuffed pumpkin in the other...and some candy of course! My girls had a great time and giggled and giggled as we hid around the corner in the dark then sneaked away(not so quietly) :)!


MsJay said...

Great projects!

Manhattan Mandie said...

Love your candle holders! So pretty!

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