Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Memory Book for a great teacher!

Not a great picture. :(
 This year is a very sad end to the school year. My G who is in second grade, is not just moving onto third grade, but also changing to a new teacher after two years in the same classroom. No, she didn't repeat, but the teacher did! She "looped" with her class when they all made a change to the next grade which meant she taught my daughter for two of her most important years,  first and second grade. Mrs. Daniels has been so amazing in dealing with all the personalities of the kids and I can tell she has a teachers heart through and through. She truly loves to teach and loves all her students. I love her too!

As a result I wanted to be sure her kids all got a chance to let her know how loved she is. I went into the school and Mrs. Daniels kindly arranged her schedule so I could "secretly" take photos of the kids and give them these sheets for to add their own thoughts.

The pages were printed onto cardstock after I used a graphic set and from Lettering Delights and put in some text and lines using Photoshop. Be sure to offset the image so you can leave space for binding BTW.

With a bit of prompting they came up with some really cute things to add to the book. After these were filled in I put it all together with a fun cover and presented it to her with some flowers and such at an end of the year picnic. I was so choked up and sad and she gave me a hug. :(

The kids filled these all in with their own thoughts....
 In addition to these pages I included some photos of some special events and some additional blank sheets of her own. The covers were chipboard covered with cardstock and bound using my "Bind it All" from Zutter. Love that thing!!

The front cover was decorated using my Cricut Expression and the Car Decals and Wrap it up cartridges. Of course I was in such a hurry I didn't get a good pic but a ribbon around the middle and it was a simple gift.

 *Note: This is a rewrite of my original post which got accidentally deleted. It won't be as good a tale as the original but I still wanted to share this with my readers. Thanks for stopping by!

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