Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo! gift crafts...

Our Halloween cat decided to get into the shot...LOL
Each year our neighbors sponsor a "Boo" exchange. It's becoming more popular so you've probably heard of it. In our neighborhood we keep it a secret, and ring and run...The little ones love it! And of course I have to try to make it a bit crafty....

There are three little girls and one boy in the family we Boo'ed so I put each of their "monograms" on their goodies since I know how the kids like to claim their own treats.
witches broom treat bags!
For the girls, I saw a "witches broom" idea on Martha Stewart's is simply two paper bags with the outer bag cut down to the base in strips. Then for the one boy in the family I put together a "warlocks cauldron". The rat held a little note that says:

Three little witches
and one warlock too

went out to play
and make some brew

but a storm came by
and the wind it blew

so they left their things
just for you!

OK so not the but "poetry" but we were in the beginnings of a hurricane LOL. And of course they got their own countdown to Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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