Monday, October 8, 2012

Cold stuff....

Of course I picked the coldest day yet of this fall to share this project with you...It's an old one I whipped up super quick for a birthday gift, in August.
 Cute Huh? It's an ice cream cone and a gift card holder! G's friend loves ice cream and chocolate in particular, so even though we didn't get her a gift certificate to the local ice cream place that we frequent, I did get her a cone. :) This is a file from and it goes together very easily. If you think you might have trouble, their website provides really good assembly videos. But the files themselves are always some of the best designs and easiest to cut and put together. They just work....
My "sprinkles"
Did you notice the cute sprinkles on top of the cone? And the shiny red cherry? I decided to break out one of my old supplies and used my Xyron to sticky both sides of the cherry so it would stick in place and so I could glitter the whole surface. It goes in once to coat the "back" then I send it through again to sticky the front while it's still on the paper. Then it super easy to coat with end up with a glittery sticker. I used my Martha Stewart collection of fine glitter. SO pretty, I am sure you'll see more of it this fall and winter.

After the cherry I decided to use the little bits form my slot hole punch to make sprinkles. It's one of those simple one hand punches. And it was full of old scrap pieces I always forget to empty out, so I just tipped it into the Xyron and crossed my fingers. What came out was a bit gooey and clummpy but hey, don't sprinkles always look like that? ;) I was pretty happy with the outcome and ran out the door since of course I made this last minute.

Next I'll catch up one some fall stuff....promise. :)

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