Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day...

The paper is still flying here and only the littlest, B has had her Valentine celebration. So the girls will get their surprises from me tomorrow morning, and I will be finishing up my middle one, G's Valentines for her class party ASAP. Sorta hard to do since her treat she picked out won't fit very neatly in the cute project she picked out. We'll figure it out today, and I'll get no sleep tonight!

In the meantime, check out how cute these "Animal bags and boxes" from a Lettering Delights file came out.
Super cute huh? But in order to put two of the bags on one 12X12, they come out pretty small. The back has a fun pun printed out onto a card so that B could write her name before I attached it.
Thanks for stopping by, hope your Valentines Day is super!

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Cindy@ said...

These boxes are super cute. I love them.

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